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How to Consciously Listen

Kai Ehnes

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Do You Listen To People? Do You Really Listen? Do You Have An Inner Dialogue Whereby You Can't Wait To Speak?

Background Information:

Conscious listening is a special skill.  I have been in many situations where I simply felt that I was "Not Heard."  This is just plain out frustrating.  You just want to scream, "Hey, you are not hearing what I am really trying to say."  What to do?  I investigated this and created the following video.  I am truly looking forward to the discussion on this topic.  To me, conscious listening is simply rooted in truth and that is sustainable.

Experience Information:

Have you ever found yourself feeling as though what you are trying to communicate is simply not being heard and understood?  This is just so frustrating.  Someone else is completing your sentences and thoughts and is making leaps in assumptions about what you are trying to say.  At this point I tend to just get quiet.  In the past I would try to argue and further prove my point but that simply escalated the frenzy. 

However, quiet does not get my point across.  I would like to be able to avoid this from even starting.