Convene Life is a web-based community where people of all ages can interact with one another. This community will provide a platform for shared learning, allowing for individuals to share their experiences and learn from others as they navigate through the many stages of life.

30 Days to Reconvene Life

Matthew Currin

Categories: Communication, Happiness, Marriage, Life, Relationships, Parenting

30 Days to Reconvene Life Overview

Background Information:

Join us for the 30 Days to Reconvene Life with Matthew Currin. In these experiences we will discuss different topics that we all deal with on a day to day basis. 

  • Relationship Communication
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Health and Fitness
  • Finance

But we want to hear from you- what other topics can we address?

Experience Information:

Everyone has a different life story- and we can learn from one another. Convene is designed to help us share are experience and knowledge with one another to help each other. 

What do you want to discuss? Give me a topic and I will make it an experience.