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Do you know your WHY?

Kai Ehnes

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Categories: Leadership

This experience looks at the reason for having and knowing your WHY. Your Why sets your direction in life.

Background Information:

One of the strongest tools to develop in leadership, which includes leading your own life, is to know your Why.  Your Why is your higher purpose.  It is the reason you do anything.  Most people do not have their Why in place.  They have good ideas and maybe even good intentions but without having their Why in place, can not sustain what they are doing . They quickly get distracted by a new idea and then lack follow through.

The following video gives an explanation as to the purpose of starting with a good Why.

Experience Information:

A few years ago, my wife and I were hiking near a waterfall and all was peaceful and vibrant.  We got into a good philosophical discussion and at one point she asked me, "If you could do anything at all, without concern for money, what would it be?"  It took much more work to get to that point of the story, but you get the idea.  I was called out! Of course I had the answer to such a simple question...I would...hmm, as it turns out I did not have an answer.  I had many ideas and thoughts but there always seemed to be something else every time I came up with something.

After a few hours I came up with a wiggly sort of answer.  "I would be a public know, like Socrates in the market square, just minus the hemlock."  Hm, a public teacher.  Oh, wait, you mean a public speaker?  Yeah that's it.  I was so proud of myself.  I'm going to be a speaker....I'm going to be a speaker.  She says..."Hey Hon, what are you going to speak about?"  "You know, whatever comes up...I got this!"

I got it alright.  Went to get some speaking training, promising me big money.  I started to learn the skills but all of a sudden it got real.  People would ask, "What is your topic?" I just stumbled around trying to explain something very abstract.  I tried different topics but they all seemed to be too far downstream.  I wanted something more upstream.

Over the next few years I worked on this and that topic, eventually stumbling into Kai-Zen Consciousness.  While it started to come together I realized that what was missing was that one main ingredient which would tie it all together.

What is that ingredient, you might ask?  It was my Why.  I knew what I wanted and even so far as to how it was going to get started but without that Why being solid there was no true center.  I will tell you, it is not easy developing a Why? 

So, what is my Why?