“Never Forget Where You Came From” with Dr. Kim Bynum
by Matthew Currin

For years, my mom and her three sisters have been getting together once a year just to “hang”. They meet at one of the sisters’ houses and don’t do a whole lot: read books, put together puzzles, crochet – all the stuff old ladies in their 70’s do. Lol! However, all of my cousins – including me, have always begged our moms to let us tag along. We said it was because the sisters cook and bake all of the family favorites during their time together but really it was because those get-aways sounded so fun, so sweet, so magical – we hated being left out! FINALLY, about five years ago, the idea of mother/daughter week-end was born so that we could also experience the magic of their “sister week-end”. This mother/daughter week-end has become the four sisters and all of their adult daughters (rule is you must be a daughter over the age of 21) getting together once a year for 3-4 days to re-connect, hang out, unplug and basically eat, drink and be merry. The rules are NO RULES… Ok, a few rules.. No work (or as little work as you can possibly get away with and still come), no leaving the house for planned activities, no politics, no judgment! The point is to be together, to talk, to share, or to be quiet and just be. We all make our favorite/specialty meals, talk non-stop, share stories from the past, share current issues to get help/advice, celebrate wins and mourn losses. There are some staple traditions every year and some new activities/surprises too. It’s an event that we all commit to, and make a priority to fit in to our crazy, busy, chaotic lives. It’s how we keep ourselves grounded and make sure we never forget where we came from!

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