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Convene Life is an ecosystem where people of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences can connect, educate, and interact with one another through shared learning and experience. As a public community, you're able to join, start your own group or share your personal experiences today! I'm excited to meet you!

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If you take time to reflect on your life as you've lived it thus far, you can certainly identify many indicators of constant change. We grow, we learn new things, we travel new's sometimes so automatic that we're changing through life like we're on auto-pilot mode.

Now, take a look at the same life you were just thinking about, where did you experience growth? Personal growth? Professional growth? Can you identify challenges you overcame? Relationships you developed? Relationships you ended? Jobs you accepted? Jobs you left? Have you ever taken the time to think about why significant experiences happened, good or bad, and what you gained or learned from them? Growth requires getting intentional about learning who we are, what we believe, our areas of strengths and weaknesses and striving to improve ourselves to achieve our best self to show up at our best everyday for the people we love and care about.

Growth is not something we can achieve alone; it takes family, friendships, leadership, mentorship, coaching and a belief that you are worthy of love and support.

Choose to grow through life! I'd love to partner with you on your journey! What are the challenges you're facing that we can work through together?

Ready? Let's go!

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Kai-Zen Consciousness
Kai-Zen Consciousness is a group that will investigate how to Master Life from the Inside Out. Topics covered here will lead to stronger relationships, better families and communities. Your business interactions will be more efficient and profitable. Your life can be more practical. You can explore being more supported, rooted, and centered. Our aim is to clean out the clutter by removing interference and letting the real you come on and join in the adventure.
Kai Ehnes
Organize It
Having trouble organizing things around the house or in your life? This group is for sharing tips and tricks to make your life less stressful with ORGANIZATION.
Journey to the Center of You!
This group is dedicated to YOU getting to know YOURSELF better! Increasing Self-Awareness is one of the most important decisions you can make at any point along your personal or professional journey. We will unlock and navigate the unique personality and behavioral style of YOU, explore strategies for developing better communication and relationships at home and in the workplace, and commit to a journey of lifelong learning, together! Not sure if you're ready? Head to the Experiences, take a FREE assessment, and you'll be on your way!
Lindy Lamielle
Back to School...Sorta! = STRESS
Heading back to school prior to this crazy 2020 year was likely stressful we're doing it in the midst of a global pandemic! (Can you say...SUPER STRESSED!?) Let's come together and share insights and experiences on way to minimize stress from reaching unhealthy levels that can lead to unhealthy behaviors.
Lindy Lamielle

Community Public Experiences

How to Consciously Listen
Do You Listen To People? Do You Really Listen? Do You Have An Inner Dialogue Whereby You Can't Wait To Speak?
Kai Ehnes
How Choosing to Like Things Lets You Live Easier
How do you relate to the world around you? How can you align your heart and mind? What is life like when you are okay with your daily experiences? Let's investigate how liking things lets you relax into an amazing life.
Kai Ehnes
Next Stop: College
You have just graduated high school. The next step is a college campus. There are so many unknowns.
Do you know your WHY?
This experience looks at the reason for having and knowing your WHY. Your Why sets your direction in life.
Kai Ehnes
Freeing Yourself of Anger and Grudges
Ever found yourself in a situation where you were holding a grudge or experienced constant anger at a friend, spouse, co-worker or family member? Priding myself on my ability to get along with EVERYONE, I suddenly found myself faced with such anger and rage at someone, it began to eat away at me.
Clutter and the Avalanche Effect
Clutter leads to more clutter. Messy desk Messy room. Messy Life. It can multiply at an alarming rate
Secure, Easy-to-Remember Passwords
Are you using secure passwords? You should be.
Cord identification
Having trouble finding the cord you need?
Trump Presidency- Success or Failure (500 Day Review)
Donald Trump has been the POTUS for 500 days. Has he found success or not?
Eugene Brown Jr
Combat Clutter For Mental Wellness
A clutter-filled, messy house can cause stress. Don't you love the feeling you get when your house is clean and organized? Let's discuss a few things you can do to help keep the mess at bay in only a few minutes a day.
“Try-It” Recipe Cookbook
Got a stack of “someday I will try this” recipes from magazines, online, and friends? Here is how you are going to get them organized and start trying them out.
Relationship Communication
Life is a meme! Communication is so important in relationships. Learning how to communicate is extremely important if you want to succeed.
Helping One Person!
HelpIng One Person can make a huge difference!
Never stop learning - intellectual curiosity
Learning shouldn’t stop when you finish attending school
Grow Through What You Go Through
Grow Through What You Go Through
Three Things!!
This may be one of the easiest experiences ever- OR IS IT?
Trump and Tiger- One in the Same
President Trump and Tiger Woods are essentially the same person.
Eugene Brown Jr
With You When It Rains
Who do you surround yourself? We need more than just fair weather friends.
Matthew Currin
Relationship Rules by a Woman
Relationship Rules by a woman to her boyfriend- Wow!!!
Do What You Love!!!!
Do what you love- what do you love?
Day 5- 'Learning to Trust Yourself' with Heather Alice Shea, M.S.
Day 5- 'Learning to Trust Yourself with Heather Alice Shea, M.S.
Matthew Currin
Discipline vs Habits
In this interview with Brittney Wineland discusses and compares discipline and habits when it comes to fitness. Wineland explores the benefits of switching up daily routines in order to grow your own disciplinary action and offers ways to begin incorporating these ideas into your own daily life.
Matthew Currin
Welcome to Waypoint 10 - Mentorship
Welcome to Waypoint 10 - Do you have a mentor?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 11 - Coaching
Welcome to Waypoint 11 - A Different Kind of Coaching
Lindy Lamielle
Become the Person you needed when you were younger!
Become the person you needed when you were younger. A quick past reflection can help you set up a strong foundation for future generations.
Coronavirus- 5 Great Opportunities
Eugene Brown Jr
Try A Short DISC Assessment for Free!
Download a FREE app to take an assessment and get a glimpse of what DISC is all about!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 1 - Personal Growth
Welcome to Waypoint 1 - Personal Growth. This is all about learning you YOU are!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 2 - Communication
Welcome to Waypoint 2 - How you communicate says a lot about YOU!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 3 - Active Listening
Welcome to Waypoint 3 - Are you REALLY listening?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 4 - Empathy
Welcome to Waypoint 4 - Do you feel what I feel?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 5 - Emotional Intelligence
Welcome to Waypoint - A New Kind of Intelligence...EQ!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 6 - Relationship Building
Welcome to Waypoint 6 - Relationships can get messy...but they don't have to!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 7 - Followership
Welcome to Waypoint 7 - Are you a follower? It's not a bad thing, actually!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 8 - Leadership
Welcome to Waypoint 8 - Who's in charge and why?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 9 - Team Building
Welcome to Wayypoint 9 - Who's on your team and why?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 12 - Self Care
Welcome to Waypoint 12 - When was the last time you took care of you FIRST?
Lindy Lamielle
Living Your Best "Donut Life"
What were the things that were in your way last year (2020)?
Lindy Lamielle