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The LIFE Community is all about Leveraging Impact For Entrepreneurs. This vibrant hub is the gateway to The Soulutionist Portal. This inclusive community welcomes individuals from all walks of life, whether you're a newcomer, a seasoned professional, or someone with unique stories to share. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey towards amplifying your impact without wasting any opportunities.

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Hi, I’m Brenda, The Soulutionist! I want to welcome you to the LIFE Community, Home of The Soulutionist Portal! Where leveraging Impact for entrepreneurs is our thing. Life is always changing and evolving. Chances are, you can look back at the journey so far to reminisce on all the different experiences that have made an impact - from personal development to professional growth, challenging moments, and celebrated successes! But why do certain things happen? How has our unique life path led us here today? Reflecting upon these questions might help reveal some of those hidden lessons we learned along the way – while uncovering what's shaped who we are now. Thank you for joining LIFE Community, where you will learn how to deal with your whole life to leverage your true impact- let’s explore together!

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How to Consciously Listen
Do You Listen To People? Do You Really Listen? Do You Have An Inner Dialogue Whereby You Can't Wait To Speak?
Kai Ehnes
How Choosing to Like Things Lets You Live Easier
How do you relate to the world around you? How can you align your heart and mind? What is life like when you are okay with your daily experiences? Let's investigate how liking things lets you relax into an amazing life.
Kai Ehnes
Next Stop: College
You have just graduated high school. The next step is a college campus. There are so many unknowns.
Do you know your WHY?
This experience looks at the reason for having and knowing your WHY. Your Why sets your direction in life.
Kai Ehnes
Freeing Yourself of Anger and Grudges
Ever found yourself in a situation where you were holding a grudge or experienced constant anger at a friend, spouse, co-worker or family member? Priding myself on my ability to get along with EVERYONE, I suddenly found myself faced with such anger and rage at someone, it began to eat away at me.
Relationship Communication
Life is a meme! Communication is so important in relationships. Learning how to communicate is extremely important if you want to succeed.
Helping One Person!
HelpIng One Person can make a huge difference!
Never stop learning - intellectual curiosity
Learning shouldn’t stop when you finish attending school
Grow Through What You Go Through
Grow Through What You Go Through
Three Things!!
This may be one of the easiest experiences ever- OR IS IT?
With You When It Rains
Who do you surround yourself? We need more than just fair weather friends.
Matthew Currin
Relationship Rules by a Woman
Relationship Rules by a woman to her boyfriend- Wow!!!
Do What You Love!!!!
Do what you love- what do you love?
Welcome to Waypoint 10 - Mentorship
Welcome to Waypoint 10 - Do you have a mentor?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 11 - Coaching
Welcome to Waypoint 11 - A Different Kind of Coaching
Lindy Lamielle
Become the Person you needed when you were younger!
Become the person you needed when you were younger. A quick past reflection can help you set up a strong foundation for future generations.
Welcome to Waypoint 1 - Personal Growth
Welcome to Waypoint 1 - Personal Growth. This is all about learning you YOU are!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 2 - Communication
Welcome to Waypoint 2 - How you communicate says a lot about YOU!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 3 - Active Listening
Welcome to Waypoint 3 - Are you REALLY listening?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 4 - Empathy
Welcome to Waypoint 4 - Do you feel what I feel?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 5 - Emotional Intelligence
Welcome to Waypoint - A New Kind of Intelligence...EQ!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 6 - Relationship Building
Welcome to Waypoint 6 - Relationships can get messy...but they don't have to!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 7 - Followership
Welcome to Waypoint 7 - Are you a follower? It's not a bad thing, actually!
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 8 - Leadership
Welcome to Waypoint 8 - Who's in charge and why?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 9 - Team Building
Welcome to Wayypoint 9 - Who's on your team and why?
Lindy Lamielle
Welcome to Waypoint 12 - Self Care
Welcome to Waypoint 12 - When was the last time you took care of you FIRST?
Lindy Lamielle
Living Your Best "Donut Life"
What were the things that were in your way last year (2020)?
Lindy Lamielle
Six Steps To Building Your Book Launch Team
Having a rock-solid Book Launch Team can make or break your book sales. Failing to cultivate a group of people committed to your book’s launch success is often a common and big mistake made by self-publishers. You can, with confidence, successfully launch your book using the six steps in this experience.